Finding the Right Salesforce Consulting Partner for Your Business

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From small firms to large multinational companies, businesses all over the world are benefit...

From small firms to large multinational companies, businesses all over the world are benefitting from Salesforce’s best-in-class CRM offerings. The platform is ideal for companies looking to optimise their marketing, sales, and service processes, with a market-leading reputation for improving revenue, customer satisfaction, and time management. Despite Salesforce’s various benefits, its implementation can be quite difficult, especially for those new to the platform. If you are struggling with Salesforce, calling on the services of a Salesforce consulting partner would help.

A quality Salesforce consulting partner can support you if you need assistance with implementation, configuration, data migration, or other Salesforce-related queries. Salesforce has established a rich and varied network of expert partners who are well-versed in helping customers with their Salesforce needs. Given that 70% of Salesforce implementations are led by partners, there is little wonder why so many businesses are opting to collaborate with a Salesforce partner. 

In this guide, we’ll look at what a Salesforce consulting partner is, provide you with top tips for selecting your ideal Salesforce consulting partner, and explore how a specialist recruitment partner can support you in your Salesforce consultant search. 

What is a Salesforce Consulting Partner?

Salesforce prides itself on giving customers the tools to have a ‘360-degree view’ of their businesses, and its partners are at the forefront of making that happen. With a fast-growing community that spans the globe, the Salesforce Partner Program is committed to assisting companies of all sizes to implement and optimise their Salesforce software. Those who wish to become a Salesforce partner must possess in-depth knowledge of the platform, hold all the necessary certifications and Partner Navigator credentials, and complete the selection process. 

The Salesforce Partner Program comprises three distinct categories: independent software vendors, cloud resellers, and consulting and integration partners. The latter option is suitable for businesses that want seasoned Salesforce professionals to expedite their Salesforce products' development, configuration, and integration. The Salesforce partner ecosystem has more than 170,000 certified members, so when selecting a consulting partner for your business, you will likely be spoilt for choice. 

You can find a wide selection of recommended solutions, customer reviews, and top-tier consultants via AppExchange, a Salesforce-owned enterprise cloud marketplace brimming with apps and experts. To give you an idea of what your Salesforce consulting partner can do for you, here are their key responsibilities: 

  • Implement and integrate Salesforce products into your systems 
  • Develop personalised solutions tailored to suit your business needs
  • Support you with system maintenance services after implementation
  • Respond to technical issues with innovative solutions 
  • Ensure that your team have the necessary tools, resources, and expertise to carry out daily tasks 

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Top Tips for Selecting a Salesforce Consulting Partner

As we mentioned earlier, the Salesforce partner ecosystem is home to scores of Salesforce experts, so there’s no need to worry about finding one. Given the number of options out there, it is vital to put a lot of thought into working out which one is right for your company. Your ideal Salesforce partner will not only be able to provide the expert insights you need to help your business thrive, but they’ll also build up trust and rapport with you and your team. Let’s look at 5 top tips that will ensure that you find the right Salesforce partner for your organisation: 

1. Utilise AppExchange 

The first step in looking for a suitable Salesforce consulting partner should be to check out the AppExchange website. This exceptional resource lets you browse through large collections of tech solutions and consultant partner profiles, and there is also an abundance of information about the roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce partner. In the Salesforce consultant section, you can sort profiles based on specific criteria, such as location, expertise, and industry. You’ll also be able to see their testimonials and customer reviews. 

2. Conduct Thorough Research

Once you have created a shortlist of potential partners, you must do your due diligence. As well as looking at their reviews on AppExchange, you should check out their website to familiarise yourself with their mission statement and the services they offer. Be sure to contact them if you have any specific questions or wish to clarify any salient points. Visiting official Salesforce chatter groups and the Trailblazer community will also give you a feel and flavour of the Salesforce partner community.

3. Evaluate Their Salesforce Expertise 

While your potential Salesforce consulting partner may have an impressive website and rave reviews, you must evaluate their Salesforce know-how. For starters, they should possess the appropriate certifications, such as the Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant and Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder credentials. On top of that, they’ll ideally have relevant Salesforce experience within the same industry as your business. You may also want to assess their knowledge of Salesforce’s tools and technologies, so if they are the right fit for your business, they’ll be able to keep you up to date with Salesforce’s latest versions and upgrades. 

4. Prioritise Long-Term Engagement 

Establishing a long-term relationship with your Salesforce consulting partner saves time and money in the long run. If you need help with your Salesforce products, you can contact your partner without allocating funds to bring in a Salesforce consultant on a temporary contract. The initial step in ensuring long-term engagement with your partner is to build rapport before the contract is signed. This is why it’s essential to ensure you feel comfortable with them before you enter a partnership. 

5. Assess their Project Management Approach 

What better way to assess a potential partner’s project management style than by watching them in action? You are entitled to ask for a demo of their consulting work to understand how their team operates, their communication style, and the overall customer service experience they provide. Whether the project is successful or unsuccessful, this exercise will allow you to see how they respond to issues and glitches. You’ll also want to evaluate how they measure results, such as collecting client data and compiling customer satisfaction reports. 

Advantages of Hiring a Specialist Recruitment Partner 

If you have decided to work with a Salesforce consulting partner but you are worried about dedicating too much time to the hiring process, you should consider contacting a specialist recruitment partner. Even if your internal HR team has the bandwidth to conduct a Salesforce partner search, your organisation would still greatly benefit from the valuable insights that a Salesforce headhunter could provide. Here are the key reasons why you should draw on the expertise of a Salesforce recruitment specialist: 

  • In-depth understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem. A Salesforce recruitment partner will have a detailed knowledge of the industry, from expertise in implementing the software to the ins and outs of the latest releases. They’ll also know the core and niche skills that stand-out Salesforce candidates should possess, and they’ll be able to point you in the direction of worthy applicants. 
  • Access to a vast pool of talent. Reputable recruitment agencies will have access to a wide pool of excellent Salesforce professionals. By partnering with a specialist recruiter, you’ll gain access to a broader network of available talent. Recruitment agencies can also reach top-quality passive candidates who are already employed. They’ll know the best ways to convince this sort of talent to make a move and join your business. 
  • Saves time and cost. One of the key advantages of outsourcing your recruitment is saving time and money. You won’t have to worry about conducting a lengthy hiring process to discover new talent, as your recruitment partner will already have a pool of potential candidates. Conducting an internal recruitment process is extremely costly, with money being squandered on unsuccessful interviews and job advertising. Despite the placement fees, hiring a specialist recruiter enables you to cut this wasteful spending.   

Final Thoughts 

Salesforce's CRM offerings have proven to be highly beneficial for businesses worldwide, optimising their marketing, sales, and service processes and improving revenue, customer satisfaction, and time management. However, implementing Salesforce can be challenging, especially for newcomers to the platform. To address this, businesses can seek assistance from Salesforce consulting partners, experts in Salesforce implementation, configuration, data migration, and other related queries. 

Thorough research, evaluation of Salesforce expertise, and prioritising long-term engagement are essential to finding the ideal partner. For those seeking a streamlined hiring process, enlisting the help of a specialist recruitment partner offers several advantages, including their in-depth understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem, access to a vast talent pool, time and cost savings, and expert industry insights.

With the right Salesforce consulting partner and the support of a specialist recruitment partner, businesses can harness the full potential of Salesforce and achieve successful, tailor-made solutions for their unique needs.

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