Contract Staffing

With organisational transformations and projects happening more than ever to keep up with digital evolution, organisations are reaping the benefits of a flexible, contingent workforce.

But with projects and transformations come budgets and strict timelines and finding the right talent in an overly competitive market can soon become all too time-consuming. Add to that the minefield of compliance and payroll and you can quickly see why many of our clients have come to us to manage their contingent tech talent.

At MA, our Contract Solution will equip you with the specialist tech skills you need on an agile basis to fulfil your changing business demands and projects. Aligning practices with the local rules and regulations, you can put your trust in our experienced and dedicated team at MA to deliver talent seamlessly with the utmost compliant process. 

Optimise your workforce with a contract staffing strategy and gain the competitive edge in your industry

With the global economic landscape becoming more unpredictable, having a staffing strategy in place to identify current and potential skill demands is key to gaining the competitive edge in the market. Hiring Contractors and Freelancers to fulfil those skills gaps can provide a cost-efficient and flexible route to building your optimal workforce.

Whether you’re looking for a staffing partner to support you on upcoming projects or future-proof your businesses flexing skills requirements, our consultants are experts in their technology and local market, and can connect you with talent that fits your needs and supports your growth, whilst boosting our freelancers’ careers.

Our European Presence spans over 40 years, and we’re proud to have built one of the largest, most reliable community of talented IT contractors and freelancers covering all major digital, web, CRM and software technologies and frameworks. 

To learn more about our Contract Staffing solution and why many of our partners have trusted us with their contract hiring for 15+ years, get in touch today.

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Our Process

Registration of the candidate with a full country specific compliance check.

Validation with the client of the details of the assignment including deliverables, KPIs, pay and charge rates.

Contract agreements with the candidate & client.

Monthly activity approval and follow-up.

Payment and invoicing.

Offboarding once the assignment is completed.

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Infrastructure & Cloud

Cyber Security

Let´s connect you to our global IT freelance community

Provide us with a few details on your hiring needs and we will put you in touch with a local expert who can start introducing you to their contractors who are available for deployment.