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As Microsoft is the largest software company in the world, with a revenue of $168 billion and a desktop operating system (OS) market share of 74%, we understand the vital importance of our role in finding the right talent for Microsoft jobs. 

Microsoft hires between 15,000 and 20,000 new internal and external candidates each year. Our commitment to diversity, inclusion and best-in-class services has allowed us to become a direct, preferred staffing supplier, giving us direct access to unique contract and permanent Microsoft jobs. 

Microsoft's products support businesses worldwide at every level by providing ERP software, collaborative platforms, and access to the cloud. With vast experience within the sector, our experts have extensive experience connecting Microsoft specialists to companies on the industry's cutting edge.

From project managers and directors to developers and support engineers, we specialise in finding roles for those who can implement, grow and maintain Microsoft Azure, Dynamics and SharePoint. Microsoft trusts us with their recruitment due to our expertise and professionalism. So take the next step in your career, look at the available jobs below or get in touch today with one of our consultants today. 

An Introduction to Microsoft and Azure

Since Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded it in 1975, Microsoft has become one of the world's biggest and most successful technology companies. In 2022, Forbes named it the world's third most valuable brand. It employs 221,000 people, and Forbes named it the second-best employer in the world in 2022. 

One of Microsoft's leading products is Azure. Launched in 2010, Azure is a cloud computing platform and online portal that allows people to access Microsoft's cloud services and resources. Across the world, over 250,000 businesses utilise Microsoft Azure, including 95% of Fortune 500 companies, making it the third-largest cloud platform behind Amazon. The product's effectiveness and popularity mean a high demand for skilled professionals to fill vacant Microsoft Azure jobs. 

Along with Azure, an entire suite of popular Microsoft products is used by organisations worldwide. For example, Microsoft Office 365 is used by over a million companies internationally. As we can see, Microsoft is a globally dominant and trusted supplier of technology and software. Therefore, those with the relevant skill sets to fill roles, such as Azure jobs, are always in high demand. 

As trusted recruiters, we receive extensive training from Microsoft. This training means we are specialists in their latest policies and business and talent strategies. This training is vital when finding the highest calibre of talent for recruitment areas such as Microsoft Azure jobs. 

Microsoft Sectors

With Microsoft being the world's largest software provider and its popularity among businesses, it should be no surprise that Microsoft's products are used across various public and private sectors. This large-scale use of its products means that Microsoft jobs are in high demand across these sectors. If you have the right skills and talent, explore the sectors below and see the latest Microsoft jobs. 

Technology advancements have transformed the education and learning of adults and children. This rise has been particularly true with the increase in remote learning. In addition, software such as Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure is widely used in the sector and needs experts to fill, for example, Microsoft Azure jobs. 

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Customer and investor trust is vital to the entire Financial Services sector. People need to know that their money and data are safe and can use services readily and without issues. Therefore, an effective and reliable IT infrastructure is critical. Microsoft is a trusted and widely used brand within the sector. Jobs working with Microsoft products, for example, Microsoft Azure jobs, are in increasing demand and specialists are needed to fill them. 

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Technological advancements have been vital to the medical and healthcare sector's life-saving services. Technological brands like Microsoft are trusted to provide the IT infrastructure to ensure these advancements can be used to their full potential. As a result, skilled professionals to fill recruitment areas, such as Microsoft Azure jobs, are in high demand. 

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Professional Services such as finance, marketing, and legal rely heavily on technology and software to provide their services to clients and customers. Microsoft is a major provider of this IT infrastructure, and the demand for skilled professionals is high. If you are interested in exploring Microsoft jobs within Professional Services, explore the sector further. 

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eCommerce has seen an extraordinary boom in recent years. More and more consumers are doing their shopping online. With the advancements in technology, these shopping habits will only increase. To cope with the demands of eCommerce, brands like Microsoft are essential to building a reliant IT infrastructure. Explore further if you are interested in, for example, Microsoft Azure jobs within the sector, and use your skills to help eCommerce continue to rise. 

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As one of the most dominant technology market leaders, it is no surprise professionals with highly developed skills using Microsoft products are in high demand. Hiring managers need exceptional talent to fill, for example, Microsoft Azure Jobs, to meet this demand for workers. As technology advancements, the need for Microsoft jobs will only increase, and so will the need for skilled workers to fill these roles. 

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