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Cybersecurity Jobs Protect Businesses from Cyber Threats

The digital age has been hugely transformational for industries and organisations. However, as technology advances, the risk from cyber threats increases; therefore, the need for cybersecurity jobs rises.

In 2021, online breaches exposed over 5 billion records. As data-conscious consumers continue to see the protection of their information as a priority, companies need to ensure any vulnerabilities can be identified and fixed before it's too late.

Cybersecurity has quickly become a daily struggle, and businesses across Europe have had to invest heavily to ensure they're protected. At MA, we understand the vital security measures, so we help connect candidates to the companies that need them most.

From ethical hackers and penetration testers to intrusion detection experts and cryptologists, our cybersecurity team are dedicated to helping our clients and candidates find the right recruitment solutions. So, if you're looking for your next opportunity, see our cybersecurity jobs below or contact us and see how we can help.

How critical is cybersecurity?

By the end of 2022, worldwide spending on Cybersecurity is estimated to reach around $133.7 billion as the landscape of threats only continues to evolve.

Today, data breaches cost businesses around $3.92 million, with an average of 25,575 records containing sensitive and confidential information stolen. With so much at stake, Cybersecurity continues to be an essential part of business.

Cybersecurity Sectors

We have over 40 years of experience helping connect curious people passionate about technology. Our expert recruitment team has successfully connected talented candidates and businesses across Europe. Through building and maintaining relationships, we have developed a vast network of candidates and clients. We understand the importance of Cybersecurity to a business in this digital age. So whether you are a candidate looking for Cybersecurity jobs or a client looking to grow an experienced professional team, click on the specialist Cybersecurity sectors links below. 

The digitisation of the education and learning industry has left it vulnerable to cyber threats. With the rise of remote learning and virtual classrooms, Cybersecurity is a significant concern for students and institutions. Our CyberSecurity specialists understand the importance of protecting the industry and are passionate about connecting the right talent to education institutions that need them. If you like more information about a cybersecurity career path or need an expert team to protect your business, speak to an MA Cybersecurity specialist today

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Trust provides the foundation of financial services. Financial institutions must be dedicated to data protection, confidentiality, and reliability of systems and services to gain customers' trust. Having cybersecurity tech experts working within the industry is vital for continuing this trust. If you are interested in discussing a cybersecurity career path within a vast and ever-evolving sector, explore today and speak to a cybersecurity specialist for more information. 

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Digital technologies have transformed the Medical and Healthcare industry. These advancements have helped improve patient experience and ultimately saved lives. However, the risk of cyber-attacks has increased, wherever it be leaked laboratory tests or hacked clinical electronic systems. These risks can cost lives. With the dangers of cyber threats, the need for experts to fill cybersecurity jobs within the industry has never been greater. If you want more information about a cybersecurity career path or to build a team of experts to protect your organisation, speak to an MA cybersecurity consultant today. 

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The pharmaceutical industry holds some of the most sensitive data and advanced technology. This makes it a key target for cybercriminals and risks patient confidentiality and critical research. As a result, pharmaceutical companies seek tech experts to fill cybersecurity jobs to tackle the growing cyber threat. If you are seeking a cybersecurity career path or want to build a team of professionals in an exciting and rewarding industry, speak to a MA cybersecurity specialist today. 

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The industry has been transformed by the rise of eCommerce as shopping continues to move into a digital age. However, with the digitalisation of the industry, exposure to cyber risks has increased. As a result, retail and FMCG organisations are looking for experts to fill cybersecurity jobs to help protect their businesses. For more information, please get in touch with a dedicated cybersecurity consultant to discuss the latest roles or how we can help build your team. 

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Technological advancements have been instrumental in the progress of societies and communities worldwide. However, with all technology's benefits, it risks cyber attacks. The technology industry needs talented tech experts to help protect and reduce the risks. We are here to help candidates begin or advance their cybersecurity career path and to help clients build teams of experts. Speak to a specialist cybersecurity consultant today.  

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