Luxembourg City

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Combining a rich history with a modern tech sector

Technology hubs are present among most of the countries across Europe, but in Luxembourg, the government is taking a more hands-on approach to building a tech sector like no other.

By giving tech companies space and a platform to grow, Luxembourg has been rivalling traditional tech hubs such as Dublin and as more companies flock to the capital, so are the career opportunities. 

The official language is French and Dutch

French is the dominant language with 98% of people speaking it fluently

The currency is the Euro or EUR

As of mid-2020 €1 would get you $1.18 US Dollars

Over 614,000 people call Luxembourg home

Despite the low population, the country has the highest European population growth rate

The average price of a takeaway coffee is €3.34

Luxembourg’s wide range of coffee shops make sure you always start the day right

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