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The Crown Jewel of Spain

Madrid’s tech sector has grown at an astonishing rate since the financial crisis, allowing the city to compete with some of the biggest hubs throughout Europe. 

Home to around 1,200 tech start-ups, Spain’s capital city saw investments to these companies reach new highs of €342 million back in 2018. With Madrid expected to become even more competitive in the future, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has dubbed it a “city of entrepreneurs.”

The official language is Spanish

However, English is also widely spoken throughout the city

The currency is the Euro or EUR

As of mid-2020 €1 would get you $1.18 US Dollars

Over 6.6 million people call Madrid home

Making it the third-largest city in Europe

The average price of a takeaway coffee is €1.89

Café’s play an essential part in socialising with 60% saying they visit one every day.

MA In Madrid

Having a permanent base in Spain since 2017, we have quickly grown to have dedicated teams for the Spanish market across several of our technology specialisms, including Salesforce, Infrastructure & Cloud and Development and ERP.

Our teams have successfully built these networks up from scratch, and now we're able to find candidates great opportunities in high-growth startups, scale-ups and large tech companies.

For the last three years in Madrid, we've successfully built several thriving partnerships with Microsoft Partners, becoming their preferred supplier for their staffing needs, and with a range of clients specifically within the Insurance and Banking industry. 

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