Careers in the Cloud - EP31: George Nimeh: How to Win Clients and Keep Busy as a Contractor in 2024


We sit down with George Nimah, a seasoned contractor, a prominent figure in Salesforce and Pardot, and the leader of Montreal's Salesforce User Group. George shares his journey into community leadership and the impact of consistent networking on his contracting success.

Discover George's strategies for developing strong client relationships and seizing future opportunities. Gain insights into his proactive approach to market preparation for 2024 and his perspective on the emerging potential of the LATAM market.

George also gives valuable insights into Salesforce contracting, networking, and market trends.

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  • 00:30 - How George and Maurizio met
  • 01:42 - Running Montreal´s Salesforce User Group
  • 03:52 - Becoming the User Group Leader
  • 09:53 - Travelling as a Contractor
  • 10:25 - Getting into Salesforce and Freelancing
  • 11:10 - How the Economy has impacted success as a Freelancer or Contractor
  • 12:46 - Doing Business Development as a Contractor
  • 13:45 - The Key to Being Successful in a Turbulent Economy
  • 17:38 - Full-time or part-time contract
  • 20:50 - Mistakes during Covid
  • 22:09 - How to get contract leads and winning future business opportunities
  • 23:51 - Latin America´s tech scene 
  • 26:07 - Impact of Cultural Differences in Contracting
  • 29:56 - Experience with Tech Contractors in LATAM
  • 34:14 - What You Need to be Successful in Tech Contracting
  • 38:02 - Advice to Those Starting out in Contract

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