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The Heart of Catalonia

With sandy beaches, blue skies and cheaper business costs than cities such as London, Barcelona’s tech hub has been alluring tech companies to call the city home.

The Spanish city has quickly become one of the most successful start-up cities centres across Europe. However, it’s not just new companies, Nestle, Roche and Asics are using Barcelona as a development centre to support new tech ventures.

The official language is Catalan

However, there are plenty of Spanish speaking people

The currency is the Euro or EUR

As of mid-2020 €1 would get you $1.18 US Dollars

Over 5.6 million people call Barcelona home

Making it one of Europe’s densest populated cities

The average price of a takeaway coffee is €1.76

And plenty of place to choose from as café culture plays a major social role

MA In Barcelona

Barcelona is the home to our second office and has been so since 2017! Starting off in a small Regus space, we then made the move to the heart of Barcelona in the thriving square that is Plaça de Catalunya.

In our Spanish hub, you'll find our teams for the Spanish and Italian market, as well as our Salesforce team who work across Northern Europe. Our teams have successfully built these markets up from scratch, and now we're able to find candidates great opportunities in high-growth startups, scale-ups and large tech companies.

And for the last three years, we've been privileged to be working with the main up-and-coming tech start-ups within Fintech, AI and MarTech in Barcelona.

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