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A capital build on canals and tech

From innovative companies to fresh start-ups, Amsterdam is home to a bustling tech sector. With many European and global headquarters located within the city, Amsterdam is home European or global HQ for over 450 multinationals including Tesla, Heineken and Netflix. 

Combine the limitless opportunities with the excellent quality of life, and it’s clear why so many tech experts are taking the next step of their career to Amsterdam.

The official language is Dutch

However, English is also widely spoken throughout the city

The currency is the Swiss Franc or Fr

As of mid-2020 1.19Fr would get you $1.10 US Dollars

Over 1.4 million people call Zurich home

From a total of 172 countries

The average price of a takeaway coffee is €3.36

Amsterdam is renowned for speciality coffee with slow coffee bars all over the city

MA In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of our most recent markets in Europe, with a vision to build a permanent base here one day along with our current offices, building an extensive talent network across the Benelux region.

Yet, even though we may not have the number of years behind us compared to some of our other markets in Europe, our dedicated Benelux team has already seen exponential growth thanks to their hard work and dedication to building their market know-how.

In the Netherlands, we've started an EMEA-wide collaboration with a well-known fashion brand to deliver tech talent within the main EMEA tech hubs.

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