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The Province of Opportunity

Not only is Ontario home to the nation’s largest city, Toronto, but the province is also nurturing some of Canada’s fastest-growing tech start-ups. 

In 2023, Deloitte’s North America Technology Fast 500, an annual ranking of rising companies in technology, telecommunications, life sciences, media, fintech, and energy tech, included 50 companies in Ontario. These included the likes of Noibu, which came in at number 12, and Toronto-based company, BioRender, which came in at number 22. 

Speaking of Toronto, Ontario, the city is home to one of Salesforce’s three Canadian office locations.

Ontario is pioneering innovation from the ground up, with plans to increase the volume of post-secondary graduates in tech, engineering, science, and mathematics by 25% in the coming years. Achieving this will make Ontario world leaders in post-secondary graduates per capita.

The official language is English

There is notably a large French-speaking population in Ontario too.

The currency in Ontario is the Canadian dollar

1 Canadian dollar is equal to 0.68 Euros or 0.74 US dollars.

Over 14.5 million people call Ontario home

Making it the most populated state in Canada.

The average price of a takeaway coffee is $5.31

With consumer prices around 9% higher in Toronto than in Montreal.

MA in Ontario

We´ve been operating in the Canadian market since 2020, specializing in Contract Recruitment within Salesforce. 

With our consultants based just outside of Toronto, they know the local labor regulations like the back of their hands. Combined with their lightning-fast but quality-first approach to deploying Salesforce Contractors, it´s no wonder our AMER team has quickly become a trusted staffing partner to many organizations in the region, including Salesforce. 

Trailblazing the Salesforce job market across Canada and the United States, we have built an exclusive (and growing!) Salesforce candidate community, who put their trust in us to find them the hottest Salesforce projects in the Americas market.

Official Salesforce Recruitment Partner

As an official talent alliance partner to Salesforce, we can open the doors to exclusive project opportunities directly with and via Salesforce.

It´s also a badge to say "we know our stuff" when it comes to hiring Salesforce talent for your business. 

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