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As a Salesforce Consultant, you understand the business requirements needed for successful project execution. You provide expert help with planning, implementation and improving productivity and results, sometimes from an existing Salesforce deployment. 

We recognise that Stakeholder management is a critical component for successful implementation and improvements to Salesforce platforms. You partner with various teams to carry out these projects, assisting with training and support for the platform. As a result of this, your Salesforce knowledge and consulting abilities are highly sought after.

Why choose MA to help you identify your next Salesforce Consultant opportunity?

We’ve been here since the start. Founded in the spring of 1978 by engineer John Bower, Montreal Associates quickly became one of the UK’s leading recruitment agencies, built on one simple message - to support businesses in finding the best talent to shape their IT systems. And we’re still the same today.

In 1991, MA became one of the first SAP recruitment specialists in the UK, connecting curious minds with opportunities to innovate and change the lives of millions of people every day. By 2020, we’ve launched dedicated recruitment services for CRM and BI structures such as Salesforce. Let us connect you to your next Salesforce Consultant opportunity, it’s what we do.

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