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The Little Big City

Zurich has never had an issue attracting new talent to the city. Combining high average salaries with a historic capital ready to be explored, it provides plenty of opportunities for those looking to further their tech careers.

Best known for its finance and sciences industries, Zurich’s tech hub is filled with exciting FinTech and MedTech opportunities. International leaders such as Google, Microsoft and IBM all operate important R&D sites in the region, showing the city’s technological excellence.

The official language is Swiss German

While English is prevalent, it’s recommended you understand German

The currency is the Swiss Franc or Fr

As of mid-2020 1.19Fr would get you $1.10 US Dollars

Over 1.4 million people call Zurich home

From a total of 172 countries

The average price of a takeaway coffee is 5.05Fr

Meaning you can take full advantage of Zurich’s vibrant café culture

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