Top 5 Salesforce Certifications to Boost Your Career

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If you are looking for a career with a bright future, plenty of professional support, and co...

If you are looking for a career with a bright future, plenty of professional support, and competitive pay, then Salesforce will appeal to you. There are a range of Salesforce certifications that can put candidates on a path towards this lucrative and rewarding career. Even if you aren’t a technology expert with a Master’s degree in Computer Science, a career in Salesforce is a very achievable prospect. Tech-based roles consistently rank high in the top job lists, largely because of the significiant earning potential, high job satisfaction, and development opportunities.
Salesforce has become a handy tool for companies seeking top-tier customer relationship management solutions to streamline their business processes. From up-and-coming startups to international companies, businesses of all sizes are becoming ever more reliant on the useful services that Salesforce provides. Not only does Salesforce greatly enhance many companies’ day-to-day operations, but it has also given rise to a diverse range of exciting career paths for graduate, midweight, and senior-level professionals alike. 

In this guide, we will explore 5 Salesforce qualifications that will boost your career and answer some frequently asked questions. 

Top 5 Salesforce Certifications 

Whether you are just setting out on your Salesforce journey, or you’re a seasoned expert who knows all the ins and outs, earning Salesforce certifications is guaranteed to benefit your career. Having a Salesforce qualification proudly displayed on your CV will showcase your in-depth knowledge to potential employers and help your application stand out. 

There are so many certifications available to you, and which you choose depends on your unique skills and the path you wish to follow. Here are 5 of the best Salesforce certifications you can earn to boost your career: 

1. Salesforce Administrator 

The Salesforce Administrator certification is an entry-level credential perfect for those who wish to break into the world of Salesforce. This credential will give you the foundational knowledge you need to thrive as a Salesforce administrator, and you’ll be able to use your know-how to complete the Advanced Administrator course or branch out into other areas of the Salesforce ecosystem. 

The course typically takes between 6 and 12 months to complete, and there are no prerequisites for it. As with the other Salesforce certifications, you’ll be taking your studies via Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning portal. This handy platform allows you to learn whenever is convenient for you, so you won’t have trouble squeezing it into your schedule. The exam includes 60 multiple choice and 5 unscored questions, and you’ll have 105 minutes to complete it. You need to score 65% or higher to pass. 

The job outlook for the role of Salesforce administrator is very promising, with research showing that there has been a 148% job growth for admins over the past few years. As a qualified Salesforce administrator, you can expect to receive an average salary of £44,000.

Salesforce administrator job responsibilities include: 

  • Carry out database maintenance duties, such as duplicate entry cleansing and diagnostic testing 
  • Use your technical expertise to ensure seamless performance of all Salesforce systems and products 
  • Provide training to help colleagues get to grips with the latest updates 
  • Upgrade and configure Salesforce systems 

2. Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I

If you are a tech-savvy developer looking to enter the Salesforce ecosystem, attaining your Platform Developer I credential is essential. Given that the role of Salesforce developer has been dubbed one of the top jobs in the US, there is little wonder why a rising number of developers are signing up to this course. This certification will teach you about developer fundamentals, process automation, and user interface. Once you have attained your Salesforce Certified Platform I certification, you can progress onto other Salesforce developer qualifications like Platform Developer II or Marketing Cloud Developer. 

While there aren’t strictly any prerequisites for the course, it would help if you have completed the Salesforce Administrator course and some developer experience. You’ll be given 110 minutes to complete the exam, and the passing score is 65%. The test includes 60 multiple-choice questions, and if you need to retake it you’ll have to pay a fee. If you are finding the content challenging, you can reach out to other like-minded professionals in the Trailblazer community to discuss your queries. 

The demand for Salesforce developers is projected to rise by 21% between 2018 and 2028, so if you have all the necessary certifications, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding your first job. Not only can you look forward to plenty of opportunities, you’ll also be well compensated for your efforts. Salesforce developers receive an average base salary of £64,169, and with a few years of experience, you can expect a lot more. 

Salesforce developer job responsibilities include: 

  • Design and code Salesforce applications 
  • Come up with unique and innovative solutions to bugs and glitches 
  • Provide training to teach colleagues about any software updates 
  • Maintain cyber security of Salesforce applications and software 
  • Create timelines and goals for development projects 

Interested in recruiting a top Salesforce professional into your business? We encourage you to visit our dedicated Client services page to find out how we can support you. Let’s now continue and see what’s next on our Salesforce certification list. 

3. Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant 

Whether you are a consultant with experience of implementing Salesforce or a Salesforce administrator looking for a new challenge, the Sales Cloud Consultant certification can be a springboard for the next step of your career. This course will give you all the knowledge and technical skill you need to thrive as a Salesforce consultant, and it can prepare you for other Salesforce roles like system analyst, program manager, and database administrator. 

Ideal for mid-level Salesforce professionals, the certification requires participants to have attained the Salesforce Administrator certification. You’ll be assessed on a number of Sales Cloud-related topics, including application of product knowledge, account and contact management, and data management. The passing score for the exam is 68%, and you’ll have 105 minutes to complete it. 

There is currently a huge demand for Salesforce consultants, and having a Sales Cloud Consultant certification will make your application all the more appealing. As a Salesforce consultant, you can expect to earn an average annual salary of £66,000. 

Salesforce consultant job responsibilities: 

  • Create, maintain, and integrate Salesforce systems and products 
  • Teach colleagues about best practices for Salesforce administration and implementation 
  • Optimise internal processes by utilising Salesforce automation software 
  • Pinpoint project risks and offer creative solutions 
  • Create guidelines to enhance security protocols  

4. Salesforce User Experience (UX)  Designer

Salesforce is always evolving and expanding, and new roles are often created. The role of Salesforce Designer was launched back in 2021, along with the User Experience Designer certification. Those who are passionate about UX with a background in Salesforce admin are drawn to this course as it gives them a chance to upskill and experience a different side of the business. 

This certification delves into interesting topics like UX fundamentals, declarative design, and the Salesforce lightning design system. There are no prerequisites for the course, however, it would be beneficial to already have UX experience, and ideally, you’ll have completed another Salesforce credential such as the Administrator certification. The exam has a passing score of 65%, and if you are unsuccessful, you can retake the course for an added fee. 

There has been a sharp increase of 280% for UX designers over the last few years, so if this is a path you wish to follow, you won’t have to worry about landing your first job after receiving your certification. While the starting salary is around the £44,000 mark, you could be earning a six-figure pay package after a few years of experience. 

Salesforce UX Designer job responsibilities include:

  • Come up with inclusive designs for all users to appreciate
  • Collaborate with developers to ensure that the final design is eye-catching and engaging 
  • Provide training for other members of staff on updates to interface guidelines 
  • Establish a creative vision for the Salesforce product’s aesthetic identity 
  • Effectively communicate with marketing, engineering, and product teams 

5. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect 

The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect is the highest certification you can earn on Trailblaze. It is the ultimate test of all things Salesforce, and participants are assessed on topics like system architecture, data, integration, and more. As this is a senior-level qualification, the ideal participant will have had 8 or more years of Salesforce experience. Candidates also need to have attained their Application Architect and System Architect certifications. 

This certification will give you the tools you need to succeed as a Technical Architect. Prior to taking the exam, you must pass the Architect Review Board Evaluation. The exam consists of a 3-hour scenario review and solution preparation, a 45-minute scenario presentation, and a 40-minute question and answer session. This assessment has a reputation for being demanding, so be sure to prepare to the best of your ability using resources like Trailhead Trailmix and the Architect Trailblazer Community

Technical Architects are among the highest-paid professionals in the ecosystem, specialising in developing strategies to resolve complex system architecture problems. There is a particularly high demand for Technical Architects at the moment, given their niche skill set and elite expertise. They are well compensated for their efforts too, with £90,000 being the typical annual salary. 

Salesforce Technical Architect job responsibilities include: 

  • Oversee the delivery of Salesforce implementations 
  • Come up with bespoke and innovative solutions to intricate issues 
  • Train other staff members on the latest system architecture updates
  • Design ways to improve processes and boost productivity 
  • Communicate solutions in a digestible way to colleagues at all levels of your company

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Salesforce Certifications

When undertaking any course, you are always sure to have many questions to decide whether it is the right path for you. Let's look at five of the top questions we hear about Salesforce certifications. 

1. Are Salesforce Certifications Free?

No, Salesforce certifications are not free. The cost varies depending on the certification, with prices ranging from £155 to £4,645. For example, if you choose to do one of Salesforce’s more popular courses, such as the Salesforce Administrator certification, this will set you back about £160. Though you’ll need to pay to take the certifications, there are plenty of free online resources you’re welcome to use during your revision. These include Trailhead, webinars such as Salesforce Certification Days, and the Salesforce Trailblazer Community. 

2. Do Salesforce Certifications Expire? 

While Salesforce certifications don’t necessarily expire, there are maintenance modules you’ll be asked to do in order to keep your certified status. This is because Salesforce is an ever-evolving software with regular updates and upgrades, and the platform’s capabilities change over time. To learn if it’s time for you to take a maintenance exam, all you need to do is log into your Trailblazer profile, scroll to the certification section, and check to see if there’s a red icon beside your certification that says “Maintenance Due”. 

3. Which Salesforce Certification Is the Best?

The answer to this question is entirely subjective, as you should pick Salesforce certification based on what is best for you and your career. Before selecting the course you want to do, it’s important to pause and ask yourself a number of questions. Will this course help me increase my income? Will it teach skills that are in-demand? Will this enhance my knowledge of my current role? There are plenty of certifications for you to choose from, so it’s up to you to pick which works best for you. 

4. How Long Does It Take To Complete a Salesforce Certification?

One of the great things about taking a Salesforce certification is that you can decide when to revise and study. How long a certification takes entirely depends on your situation. The average time to get certified is between 6 to 8 weeks, however, if you have the time to put all your focus into your studies and you have a fair bit of Salesforce experience, you may be able to complete your course even quicker. 

5. Where Do I Take the Exams? 

Where you take your Salesforce certification exam depends on your preferences and geographical location. If you live near a testing centre, you may wish to take an on-site exam to remove yourself from the potential distractions of doing the test at home. However, doing your test online means you don’t need to travel, and you’ll possibly feel more confident about taking the exam in a familiar environment. 

In this guide, we have learned just how valuable Salesforce certifications can be when looking to boost your career. Whichever certification path you choose, you can count on support from your fellow Salesforce professionals. 

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