How to Become a Salesforce Developer

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For many firms, ensuring that their Salesforce software runs seamlessly is a top priority, a...

For many firms, ensuring that their Salesforce software runs seamlessly is a top priority, and they employ specialist Salesforce developers to carry out that vital duty. The Salesforce developer role is ideal for tech-savvy professionals looking for a career with a bright future. In addition to the lucrative salary and extensive job opportunities, Salesforce developers enjoy a sense of fulfilment knowing that they have helped their business to keep running efficiently. 

Companies increasingly rely on CRM platforms to streamline and automate their day-to-day operations, and the cloud-based software firm Salesforce is at the forefront of this trend. From up-and-coming startups to multinational corporations, Salesforce helps companies of all sizes to manage business processes for sales, marketing, and customer service. It is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the world, and millions of users are benefitting from its valuable services. 

Whether you are a seasoned developer or someone looking to transition into a new and exciting career, becoming a Salesforce developer is an achievable goal. Read on to discover more about the responsibilities of a Salesforce developer, the requirements for becoming one, and the skills you should possess. 

What Is a Salesforce Developer?

Salesforce developers specialise in implementing and maintaining Salesforce applications for companies looking to streamline sales and marketing tasks with Salesforce’s highly-regarded software. The core responsibility of a Salesforce developer is to tailor Salesforce applications to suit an organisation’s unique business needs. Using their Salesforce expertise, developers combine technical skills with business acumen to boost productivity and customer experiences.

Salesforce developer job responsibilities:

  • Work with clients to understand their individual Salesforce needs and business goals
  • Install and maintain Salesforce applications through technical tasks like coding, configuration, and debugging 
  • Lead team meetings to discuss the status of ongoing projects and how Salesforce can optimise workflow
  • Recommend and implement improvements and upgrades to the software
  • Ensure that there are no security breaches 

A career in Salesforce development is fast-paced and dynamic; given how frequently the platform is updated, developers need to go the extra mile to ensure that their Salesforce knowledge is up-to-date. Salesforce developers shoulder a lot of responsibility, and this is reflected in their salary package. The average Salesforce developer salary in the UK is £64,000, and with enough experience, developers can eventually earn up to £118,900. 

Requirements for Becoming a Salesforce Developer

As with any other software development job, Salesforce developers are expected to hold a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related subject. You must also obtain the right Salesforce certifications via Trailhead, Salesforce’s online learning platform. The Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1 certification credential is a must-have for those looking to land their first developer job. This course covers key topics such as process automation, user interface, testing, and deployment. Other relevant certifications include the Platform App Builder and Platform Developer II certifications. 

While nothing stops you from going straight for your PD1, it may be beneficial to achieve other Salesforce qualifications beforehand to ensure that your knowledge is high-level. For example, you could take the Salesforce Administrator certification, a qualification that’ll give you an in-depth understanding of the platform, specifically subjects like configuration, setup, and data analytics and management. 

Having the right certifications will certainly go a long way in your path to becoming a Salesforce developer, but experience is also crucial. Volunteering with non-profit organisations is a great way to gain some hands-on experience. You could use your Salesforce developer skills to provide solutions to any software glitches or bugs they may be experiencing. This would most definitely be an eye-catching addition to your CV and make you all the more appealing to potential employers. 

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What Skills Do Software Developers Need?

Before you embark on your journey toward becoming a Salesforce developer, it is important to get an idea of the sort of professional skills you should possess. A successful Salesforce developer should be able to blend soft and technical skills in order to fulfil their duties. 

The Soft Skills of a Salesforce Developer

Salesforce developer is a very technical role, and the placeholder needs to have excellent knowledge not only of the Salesforce platform but also core software development principles. However, it is also vital that Salesforce developers utilise some general skills to succeed in the role. Here are 3 of the top soft skills the ideal Salesforce developer needs to possess: 

1. Excellent Communication

Excellent communication skills are necessary for many roles, and it is particularly key for Salesforce developers. Their everyday duties include processing and relaying important information to colleagues. Remember - many of your colleagues may not share your technical expertise, so having the ability to explain Salesforce development concepts in a digestible way is a valuable asset.

2. Problem-Solving Skills

As a Salesforce developer, there will be many occasions when you’ll be expected to come up with a solution to a complex problem. You’ll need to call on your analytical skills and attention to detail to produce innovative solutions to fix errors, bugs, and other software-related problems. Logic errors, data integrity issues, and software performance bottlenecks are some of the routine problems that Salesforce developers solve on a daily basis. 

3. Creativity

The significance of having a creative mind cannot be understated when it comes to thriving as a Salesforce developer. Technical expertise is one thing, but out-of-the-box thinking is what will make you all the more attractive to potential employers. If you develop a combination of creativity, technical ability, and exceptional interpersonal skills, you are well on your way to landing your first Salesforce developer role. 

Technical Expertise of a Salesforce Developer

A core skill every Salesforce developer needs is technical expertise. Ideally, you’ll have a background in an array of programming languages and an understanding of web development tools like Git and ID. Salesforce developers normally use Apex and Javascript, so having a grasp of these programming languages puts you at a huge advantage. Let’s look at 3 technical areas you should master before landing your first Salesforce developer role: 

1. APEX Programming

Apex is a programming language that allows developers to customise Salesforce applications to meet the business requirements of their clients. Known for its simplicity, integrated support for DML operations, and syntactic similarity to Java, this object-oriented language lets Salesforce developers design components that enable businesses to better automate their processes. Prior to applying for Salesforce developer jobs, it is essential that you have sufficient experience in using Apex programming language. 

2. Salesforce Platform App Builder

Knowledge of the Salesforce Platform App Builder would also be advantageous for budding Salesforce developers. Being able to design and build applications using Salesforce tools is a handy skill to possess, and you can enhance your know-how by taking the Salesforce Platform App Builder certification. This credential will help you get to grips with the capabilities of the Lightning platform, designing applications to support businesses, and how to improve user experiences. Having this on your CV will demonstrate your passion for discovering more about the Salesforce platform. 

3. SOQL and SOSL

Salesforce developers should also have a strong understanding of SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) and SOSL (Salesforce Object Search Language), query languages that are crucial for retrieving data from the Salesforce database. These languages are essential tools that developers use to write custom code, optimise an application's performance, and conduct testing and debugging. If you are looking to further your SOQL and SOSL knowledge, you can visit the Trailblazer community to check out forums and upcoming events on the topic. 


The Final Word

Becoming a Salesforce developer offers a promising career path for tech-savvy professionals. Salesforce developers play a crucial role in implementing and maintaining Salesforce applications to streamline business sales and marketing tasks. They combine technical skills with business acumen to tailor Salesforce applications to meet the unique needs of organisations.

Mastering technical areas such as APEX programming, Salesforce Platform App Builder, and SOQL/SOSL query languages is essential for Salesforce developers. These skills allow them to customise Salesforce applications, design and build applications using Salesforce tools, and retrieve data from the Salesforce database.

Overall, a career as a Salesforce developer offers a fast-paced and dynamic environment with lucrative salary packages and extensive job opportunities. By staying up-to-date with the latest Salesforce updates and continuously enhancing their skills, Salesforce developers can contribute to the success of businesses and enjoy a fulfilling career.

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