Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

Slavery, servitude, forced labour and human trafficking (modern slavery) are issues of increasing global concern, affecting all sectors, regions and economies. Modern slavery is fundamentally unacceptable within our business and supply chains and is an important element in our overall approach to business and human rights.

Montreal Associates (Systems) Limited and its subsidiaries (“MAS”) recognises that all businesses have an obligation to prevent modern slavery and will do its utmost to prevent any abuses within its business and supply chains.

This statement has been published in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act (2015) and sets out the steps taken by MAS during the financial year ending 31 December 2018 to comply with it.


Organisation's Structure

MAS is a privately-owned recruitment company specialising in providing highly qualified and skilled professionals to the IT and technology market on the permanent and contractual basis.

MAS’ headquarters are based in the UK and the group has two fully-owned subsidiary offices in Barcelona and Frankfurt. 


Our Supply Chains

Our supply chains are mainly limited to sourcing technically skilled professionals in their sectors for our key clients. We may use external vendors to supply candidates to our clients. We expect all our suppliers and potential suppliers to aim for high ethical standards and to operate in a compliant and professional manner. We also expect our suppliers to promote similar standards in their own supply chain.


Our Policies

MAS works primarily in industries and with consultants that would not ordinarily be considered to be at risk of modern slavery or human trafficking. We, however, take our responsibilities seriously and take an active part in identifying and mitigating risks within our business and supply chain.

  • We require them to have in place a policy recognising, respecting and protecting the human rights of their employees, those of their suppliers and business partners and the communities affected by the suppliers’ operations.
  • Any form of discrimination, victimisation or harassment on the grounds of marital or civil partnership status, sex (including gender reassignment), race (including colour, ethnic and national origin, nationality), disability, sexual orientation, having or not having dependents, religious belief or political opinion, age, trade union activity and offending background must be prohibited.
  • All slavery and human trafficking laws must be complied with including, but not limited to, the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. Suppliers must ensure their business operations are free from slavery and human trafficking practices whether in the UK or elsewhere, both internally and within their supply chains and other external business relationships. We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or in any part of our business.


Due Diligence Process for Slavery and Human Trafficking

MAS has a strict compliance process and checks are carried for all candidates it supplies which include verifying the identity and the right to work of all candidates its supplies. 

All MAS employees have access to various means to voice concerns in total confidentiality, either through local reporting mechanisms or through the whistleblowing procedure. 



All staff are expected to comply with all laws and act in accordance with local guidelines and regulations. We are undertaking to launch a compliance program to review our policies and procedures to ensure our colleagues have access to any additional information and support they may require with regard to human trafficking, forced labour, servitude and slavery.

We have strengthened our Learning and development team by adding additional resources as well as reviewing our corporate responsibility strategy by offering new platforms for volunteering in the communities. A training module on modern slavery and human trafficking will be developed and available to all employees.

This statement is made pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes MAS slavery and human trafficking statement in respect of its 2018 financial year.



Signed: David Thuillier
Position: Managing Director
For and on behalf of MAS and its subsidiary companies