Episode 26: Khaled McGonnell: Building a Diverse & Inclusive Company


Our guest for this episode is Khaled McGonnell, Founder of the Salesforce Industry Cloud Consultancy, Cloud Hikers which specializes in project management, solution & technical architecture, business analysis, and the design, build, and testing of Salesforce Industry Cloud solutions. 

Khaled has extensive experience across many full-lifecycle digital transformations having worked with the Salesforce, Salesforce Industries, and SAP products for over 17 years.


  • 00:49 - Introduction
  • 01:48 - Start of Khaled´s Tech Career
  • 04:51 - The Biggest Challenge Faced So Far
  • 06:15 - Difficult Bosses & Leadership Styles
  • 09:30 - Salesforce Industries in 2023
  • 10:27 - The Importance of Choosing an Industry in Salesforce
  • 11:12 - The Creation of Cloud Hikers
  • 14:25 - The Strategy for Hiring & Maintaining a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace Environment
  • 17:52 - Search for Equal Shares Partners
  • 18:25 - Advice for Those Deciding What To Do Next
  • 23:19 - The Vision for Growing Cloud Hikers

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