Episode 25: Andrew Cook: Behind the Scenes at Salesforce Ben


Andrew Cook is a Senior Technical Instructor at Salesforce Ben, the largest dedicated Salesforce news site in the world. Andrew entered the company as an author in 2019, but prior to that, he specialized as a Salesforce Administrator working with the likes of the Financial Times and Jamf. 


  • 01:34 - The journey into the Salesforce Ecosystem 
  • 04:00 - The power of Salesforce user groups for development
  • 06:33 - Landing the job at Salesforce Ben
  • 11:27 - Getting into the role of a Senior Technical Instructor
  • 14:07 - Men's Mental Health in Tech
  • 18:43 - Advice to those struggling to find a job
  • 20:58 - Behind the Scenes at Salesforce Ben
  • 23:29 - Releasing the news of Salesforce Layoffs
  • 27:13 - Insider scoop on Salesforce Ben for 2023
  • 29:29 - Reach out to Andrew

Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-cook-9832282a/ 

Salesforce Ben: https://www.salesforceben.com/  

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