Episode 23: Manny Omideyi: A Contractor Perspective on the Current Salesforce Market


We're joined by CRM Analytics Specialist, Manny Omideyi on this episode! As a professional who went from permanent to contract into a specialist area, Manny has a lot of experience and advice to give about contracting and the benefits of CRM analytics.  


  • 02:04 Intro to Manny
  • 03:48 Switching from permanent to contract
  • 04:57 What it feels to be a Contractor during the layoffs
  • 06:00 Getting into CRM Analytics
  • 09:13 Why is there not a mass amount of job opportunities in CRM Analytics 
  • 12:03 Benefits of CRM Analytics for Businesses
  • 15:47 Relocating as a Contractor
  • 19:02 Advice for Permanent professionals looking to go Contract
  • 24:27 Advice for people who have been laid off
  • 26:53 Quick Fire get to know Manny 
  • 29:24 What to connect with Manny for