Why You Need a Specialist Salesforce Recruiter

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Whether you are new to the Salesforce ecosystem or a seasoned Salesforce professional lookin...

Whether you are new to the Salesforce ecosystem or a seasoned Salesforce professional looking for your next role, finding the right position that suits your skills can be a tricky task. Salesforce has become the go-to CRM platform for businesses all over the world, and the demand for Salesforce experts has rocketed over the last few years. Hiring an experienced Salesforce recruiter to direct you to jobs that perfectly match your skill set is a brilliant way to reach the next stage of your Salesforce career.

Given the sheer amount of available vacancies, navigating through this varied job market may leave you feeling somewhat overwhelmed. If you lived in an ideal world where you got offers, interviews, and responses from each direct application you made to a prospective employer, career planning would be a lot easier. The reality is that even though you work in a candidate-driven market, competition for the best jobs is still extremely high. Even the best Salesforce partners could use a little help in landing their dream position or project. 

If you want something done right you've got to do it yourself, and when you can't, at least hire an expert to do it for you. Here are 5 reasons to stick with people who know the Salesforce job market inside and out:

1. They Have the Network

Though the Salesforce ecosystem is large, it has a welcoming, close-knit feel, full of people ready to offer their input to assist fellow Salesforce professionals. As a budding Salesforce professional, you’ll naturally aspire to be a part of this valuable network; to ask the experts key questions, and to be on hand to provide much-needed guidance for those who need it. 

If your goal is to secure a job in this ecosystem, then working with a headhunter who specialises in Salesforce would be a fantastic place to start. Not only do their clients see them as a respected expert in their space, they can also connect you with a vast network of employers in need of your talents. Your expert recruiter will present you to their client as a remedy to a business problem, as opposed to just another Salesforce pro available to fill a job vacancy. 


2. They Will Only Suggest Roles That Will Advance Your Career

If an available role won’t add value to your career, your Salesforce recruiter will advise you to steer clear. Whether it’s the end-of-the-month crunch or not, your expert recruiter will make it their mission to focus on your long-term future. They consider the short-term gain of making a placement on a project that will not make their candidate happy is not worth it, regardless of how appealing the financial remuneration may be. 

A specialist will be honest about what company or project is going to take you to the next level in your Salesforce career, and which ones you should avoid. When assessing whether an available role is suitable for their candidates, they’ll evaluate the company on various factors, including their work culture, values, location, and employee benefits. 


3. They’ll Only Put You Forward for Relevant Jobs

A common problem that candidates encounter is being put forward for roles that don’t actually require their Salesforce expertise. There are too many stories involving Salesforce professionals being pitched for jobs which initially appear to be suitable for their skills, but then they discover at the interview that the position’s roles and responsibilities are completely different. 

If you choose to hire a headhunter with expertise in Salesforce recruitment, you can rest assured that the jobs they bring you will be relevant for your specific professional skill set. They’ll likely have much experience in matching Salesforce specialists with their perfect roles, so they’ll know what to look out for when it comes to looking for your next job opportunity. Not only are they well versed in recruitment tactics, they also have in-depth knowledge of Salesforce implementations and the sort of work that Salesforce professionals perform. 

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4. A Salesforce Recruiter Will Offer Professional Development Advice

The rapid development of new and emerging technologies has given rise to a whole new range of Salesforce certifications, qualifications which open new avenues of employment for Salesforce professionals at all stages of their careers. Having someone in your corner with a holistic view of the market is vital, and your Salesforce recruiter will be able to pinpoint opportunities which will help you reach the next level of your Salesforce journey. They can offer guidance on up-and-coming technologies, the most rewarding industries where you can ply your trade, and the Salesforce certifications you’ll need to achieve your ambitions. 

5. You’ll Gain a Long-Term Partnership

Another key benefit of working with a specialist recruiter is that you get a long-term partnership with a headhunter with in-depth, niche knowledge of the Salesforce job market. The last thing you want is to have to find a new agent each time you need a job, so forging a relationship with a dedicated recruiter will be advantageous for your present and future success. Indeed, having a go-to headhunter who you can count on every time you want to upskill or land a job will give you a greater chance of achieving your desired career goals. 

In this guide, we have explored 5 of the top reasons why you should call on the expertise of a specialised Salesforce recruiter when it comes to looking for your next role. Making sure that the next job you get is the right one can be a bit of a daunting prospect, so working with an expert who can give you their undivided attention is guaranteed to take the stress out of the process. 


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