5 Career Tips to Help You Get Hired as a SAP Professional

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Our recent insight report confirmed the increasing desire for change amongst the SAP communi...

Our recent insight report confirmed the increasing desire for change amongst the SAP community, with 67% of SAP professionals saying they had considered changing jobs in the last 12 months.

As an experienced recruiter in the tech sector, I know how competitive and challenging it can be for job seekers. So, for those of you who are thinking about a move soon, here are my 5 top tips to increase your chances of getting hired.

1️. Stay current with SAP advancements:
There are many ways to do this, including following industry thought leaders here on LinkedIn, subscribing to SAP newsletters (https://www.sap.com/dashboard/newsletters.html), and of course, obtaining certifications in emerging areas like SAP S/4HANA, SAP Fiori, or SAP HANA Cloud.

2️. Network, Network, Network:
Connect with industry professionals. Attend events, and webinars, or join online forums. The SAP community is constantly growing and thanks to the age we live in, it is easier than ever to connect with experts and knowledge on platforms such as Reddit, and the official SAP Community. By getting yourself out there, the more likely you will connect with someone who could open new doors for you.

3️. Customize Your CV:
One size does NOT fit all. You must tailor your CV to each job application. Showcase relevant skills and experiences and focus on highlighting measurable outcomes on projects that are relevant to the job. And be CONCISE!

4️. Practice Makes Perfect:
Sharpen your interview skills and do your research prior. Like the CV, you should ensure you are prepared to talk about strengths and success stories that align with the job itself. Always make sure you have prepared a technical case. Prepare questions to ask about the job, the company, your team, etc. Not only does it show to the employer that you are serious about joining the company, but that you have taken the proper time to evaluate your compatibility.

5. Think Long-Term:
A lot of the time, the reason why candidates look for a new job is because they didn’t think about the long-term path in their current company when they accepted the offer (our recent insight report highlighted this to us). When you are looking at new roles, make sure you’re thinking about development and upskilling opportunities, and research the mission of the company to understand if their long-term goals resonate with you.

I hope that helps, and of course, if you’re ever looking for a new opportunity in SAP, you know where to come!

You can also read our full talent report here for more insights on the German job market and the latest salary benchmarks for SAP professionals.