Supporting digital transformation in transport payment solutions

The Transport Payment Solutions company were investing in a digital transformation of their infrastructure and security policies, as well as their CRM and Cloud involving a migration from Lotus Notes to Salesforce, and AS400 to Azure Cloud.

With the transformation being rolled out across Europe, having the right skills & specialists on the project was critical to ensure successful implementation. Without a specialised recruitment partner to find the calibre of talent they required, MA's Salesforce & Cyber Security teams approached them with a specialist staffing solution for both their permanent and contract requirements.

  • Our client's digital transformation included an EU-wide roll out of Salesforce across Europe in the initial phase, as well as Sales Cloud implementation, and a further CPQ scoping and implementation.
  • With transition management and user training also being another crucial element, MA needed to build up a shortlist of high-quality candidates for multiple critical roles.

The Challenge

With our dedicated teams now providing both permanent and contract staffing solutions for our client's transformation project, Our consultants needed to form a strong, exclusive relationship in order to sustain an efficient speed of shortlisted talent to take through the process as to keep within project timelines and gain the skills required to deliver the project.

  1. Our client needed a recruitment partner that was specialised within Salesforce, Cloud & Cyber Security recruitment to support their transformation project.
  2. MA needed to build an exclusive talent pool of Salesforce, Security and Cloud & Infrastructure skills.
  3. The roles required to be filled were critical for the transformation to proceed, with the role of CIO being the most business critical for MA to fill.

Our Approach

By constantly building our network of talent, we were able to bring our client shortlisted profiles within an extremely efficient timeframe of the mandate being brought to us.

Our dedicated teams ensured they were present and heavily involved in every stage of the recruitment process and in-turn build a strong business relationship with our client where both parties keep each other regularly - enabling us to in turn work in such a way that no role becomes business critical.

Our process involved:

  • Being a part of every single interview that took place with our client. This was very important for us to do as it allowed us to gain an understanding of their business better than any other general head-hunter could ever develop.
  • Collaborating before, during and after interviews. Prior to interviews we briefed our client over the phone on how to conduct the meeting. We would provide our expert guidance on risks they had with offers, timelines and salary negotiations, whilst also utilising the position of being involved in the interview to pass feedback to both parties. We ensured our candidates were closed with all the information we had gathered from the start of the process to deliver a transparent process on both sides.
  • Two-way communication for quick, quality placements. By our client informing us on any upcoming projects, and MA notifying our client of any relevant profiles, we were able to fill roles in as little as one week.

The Results

Over 11 months, we have achieved the following 9 placements (3 contract, 6 permanent) for our client:

  • Time to placement on average was a month for permanent and 1.5 weeks for contract.
  • We have already seen two extensions for one our contractors with great feedback, and our permanent candidates are working well with the rest of the team.
  • Our client now uses us as their exclusive Salesforce vendor, with the CIO introducing us to IT teams across the business.