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The Growing Demand for Software Developer Jobs Across Europe

Across Europe, we are seeing an increase in the demand for software developer jobs and skills. We are living in an increasingly digital age, and humans are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. Technological advancements have completely changed society and how we live our lives. It has allowed progression in critical areas such as medical research, finances, and education. Technology must continue to advance, increasing the demand for software developer jobs. 

Throughout 2021, 74% of European internet users shopped online, and as customers continue to demand digital, mobile-friendly experiences, software developers can help businesses adapt.

No two development cycles are ever the same, and each new project brings different challenges and approaches. Whether it's Java, Python or C#, our consultants excel at connecting talented candidates to clients with exciting opportunities.

We help find contract and permanent roles for developers, engineers, architects and project managers, so if you're ready to take your next step, look at the jobs below. Alternatively, if you're a client looking to discover new talent, get in touch with our software development team today.

Why are software developers in such high demand?

As web development demand continues to explode, so does the need for software developers. Those who can create and maintain the systems necessary to grow a business can find opportunities across Europe.

There are approximately 6 million software developers in Europe alone. However, despite this large amount, talent is still a significant need. The widening IT skills gap can be daunting for businesses, but we can help fill each vacancy with the right candidate.

Our Digital Transformation Specialist Sectors

The advancement of technology in Education and Learning has been vital. With the rise of virtual classrooms and remote learning, the industry has adapted to keep driving its success. As the demand for technology increases, so does the need for software developers. If you would like to discuss development jobs in the education and learning system or would like to build a team in your organisation, get in touch with our expert recruitment team. 

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Advancements in technology have meant that the financial service industry has been able to deliver a more efficient, knowledgeable and secure service to its customers. However, to continue to provide the very best service, this technology has to be continuously developed to keep up with the increasingly digital age of finances. At MA, we understand the need for this constant need for innovation and the importance of development jobs. So if you want to pursue a development career, or an organisation seeking talented developers, get in touch with our recruitment team. 

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The Medical and Healthcare industry is currently struggling against a widening skills gap, and vacancies continue to increase. Technology is key to the industry's future and vital to patients' lives. We are committed to playing our part in filling industry vacancies with talented individuals. Contact our industry specialists if you want to speak to us further about medical and healthcare vacancies.

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We have 15 years of working with Pharmaceuticals to connect market-leading companies to technology talent across Europe. The industry relies on technology to hold sensitive data and to make advancements in its research, so highly skilled software developers are vital to continue to develop the software to help organisations to keep growing. We are passionate about finding talent for placing jobs within the industry and assisting organisations in growing their teams. So get in touch today and discuss your needs. 

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Professional Services have hugely benefited from technological advancements. It has transformed working practices and increased and improved the services they offer. The ongoing development of software is key to keeping up in the digital age and continuing these benefits. This development increases the need for skills and software development jobs. At MA, we are committed to connecting talented candidates to organisations across Europe. For more information, contact our development recruitment specialists. 

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Ecommerce is booming and has transformed the Retail and FMCG industry. Online shopping will continue to thrive well into the future, so the software must keep up. Software developer jobs are increasing as the demand for skills grows. We have our finger on the recruitment pulse and are ready to bring talent and organisations together. Contact our team today if you want to discuss how MA can assist you. 

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Technology has completely changed the world and how we live our lives. As humans advance, so does technology. Software developers possess vital skills crucial for these technological advancements, so the demand for these skills is high. If you have the right skills and want to explore software developer jobs, or if you are a client and need to find skilled talent, please get in touch with our development specialists. 

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