There are huge benefits to having contingent staff as part of your workforce. But with this benefit comes a lot of responsibility for the HR department – from continuously changing legal rules and regulations to admin-heavy processes.  

Whether you have a small contingent workforce or have a continuous need to deploy flexible skills, our payroll solution can help your HR team better manage your contractor workforce and become an extension of your internal HR function. 

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Let us take care of your contractors

We provide a dedicated team to manage your entire contractor management process in line with local compliance, from compliance checks to offboarding. 

We handle the end-to-end process for contractors, including the onboarding, contracts, payments, and offboarding of the candidates following our structured process.

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Our Process

The process begins with the candidate's registration, with a full country-specific compliance check from our legal department.

We will validate with you the details of the contractor's assignment, including deliverables, KPIs, pay, and charge rates.

Both you and the contractor(s) will then review and sign the contract agreements.

We will put in place monthly activity approvals of the contractor´s work, and arrange follow-ups to review your satisfaction of our services and if there is any further support required. 

We will take care of paying your contractor, and invoice you based on the contract agreement. 

We will take care of the offboarding of your contractor(s) once the assignment is completed. 
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Let´s help you grow your tech workforce

Provide us with a few details on your hiring needs and we will put you in touch with a local expert to begin a consultation of your tech workforce.