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As a Salesforce VP, you play a key role in the ongoing success of a business. We recognise that you have the ability to analyse and understand the total addressable market (TAM), translating business objectives into specific goals for a given area. Crucially, you develop the market strategy for Salesforce technologies used by major corporations in order to maintain and improve their year-on-year growth % across the business.

We understand that you are responsible for leading highly visible and motivated sales executives to success by defining a clear and compelling growth strategy and revenue plan. You also work closely with other core teams whilst mentoring and developing your own sales team by recruiting, training and driving a culture of strong execution and operational excellence.

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For over forty years, Montreal Associates have successfully matched senior talent with innovative opportunities. We want to help you find a Salesforce VP role where you can make a real difference, somewhere that utilises your skillset to its full potential.

At Montreal Associates, our specialist consultants are refreshingly human. Our approach is simple, connect curious minds with curious opportunities. That’s why we're successfully connecting curious talent and businesses not only in the UK, but across Europe too.

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