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As a Salesforce QA,  we know that you are the go to person for anything web-related. We recognise that you are responsible for checking new and existing pages against a set of QA criteria such as SEO standards, web performance thresholds, editorial guidelines and branding style guides. You consistently check web pages and components against approved design mocks, check sites on various platforms, browsers, devices and screen widths.

Furthermore, you use your findings to help define the enterprise test strategy for the Salesforce CRM platform, that aligns with the Agile/DevOps culture of a business. You work collaboratively with Implementation Partners and internal delivery teams to define, develop and deliver test automation solutions for the Salesforce platform. As a result of this, your skillset is in high demand.

Will MA help me to identify genuine Salesforce QA Opportunities that are right for me?

Absolutely. We recognise that as one of the world's most popular CRM platforms, your experience with Salesforce infrastructure is in high demand. Certainly, with forecasts of over 3.3 million Salesforce jobs expected to spring into fruition this year, we want to connect you with opportunities that are the right fit for you.

For over forty years, Montreal Associates have operated with one simple message - connect curious talent with curious opportunities. We want to help you find a Salesforce QA role where you can make a real difference, somewhere that utilises your abilities to their full potential.

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