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As a Salesforce Marketing Consultant, you hold Proven experience working on large, complex end-user or client projects setting up Marketing Cloud to create marketing campaigns for millions of customers and prospects. Consequently, you have the ability to appropriately communicate complex ideas, issues, concepts and solutions to clients and executive project stakeholders.

Moreover, you hold demonstrated experience in agile project delivery and working as part of a highly skilled team of Salesforce functional and technical developers. As a result of this, your experience and knowledge of Salesforce systems positions you as a pivotal asset for any corporation using Salesforce technologies.

What can MA provide to help identify the right Salesforce Marketing opportunity?

With over 500,000 new Salesforce jobs created this year, we recognise that navigating your way through such a vast number of prospective opportunities can be difficult.  That’s where we come in. As the world's most popular CRM, boasting a healthy 20% of the market share, we know that your skillset is in short supply and high demand. 

At Montreal Associates, our focus is connecting curious minds with curious opportunities. We thrive off finding an opportunity that is the right fit for you - somewhere your skills can really make a difference.  

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