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As a Salesforce Business Analyst, we know that you play a pivotal role in helping guide global businesses, improving their Salesforce efficiency and business processes. You are the calm during a storm, the go to communicator for stakeholders who want to see results from their IT teams. 

As a trailblazer and member of the Salesforce ecosystem, we understand that you hold a great mix of technical and non technical skills, which is why salesforce credentials are the the third most in-demand technology skill. 

How can Montreal Associates help me find the right Salesforce Analyst opportunities?

At MA, we’re experts in the industry. That’s why we’re one of a few chosen recruiters for many industry giants such as Microsoft. With over 120 experts across 15 teams in major Tech cities, including London, Barcelona and Frankfurt, we’re the perfect choice for Salesforce Analysts looking for adventure and opportunity.  Contact a member of our team today for advice and help identifying roles suited to your aspirations. 

Meet our Salesforce experts

Alice Karagyozyan
Head of Delivery Salesforce Recruitment Practice
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Benedetta Malaspina
Senior Delivery Consultant & Account Manager
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Charlotte Catherin
Delivery Team Leader
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Emmanuel Robic
Sales Team Leader
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Hemi Sabharwal
Head of Salesforce Recruitment Practice
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Maurizio Gioffre
Global Salesforce Tech Headhunter
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Sara Alvarez
Team Lead
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Youssef Chair
Team Leader
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