To pause or play your digital transformation plans during COVID-19?

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Pandemic. Crisis. Lockdown. Quarantine. Jobless. Hiring Freeze. Recession… If you read the n...

Pandemic. Crisis. Lockdown. Quarantine. Jobless. Hiring Freeze. Recession… If you read the news too much, words like these can stick in your mind and negatively affect your outlook on what is truly happening in the job market you work in.

As a Salesforce Tech Head-Hunter with a focus on the German ecosystem, I have the pleasure of speaking with hundreds of people across the country every week - hiring managers and candidates at all types of businesses, being affected in very different ways.

Whether you’re a manufacturer of heavy machinery who’s now only able to generate revenue from a part of your business cycle; a producer of medical equipment experiencing restricted access to the materials you desperately need to meet the increased demand of your customers; or a logistics business witnessing the slowdown of trade in many countries – there is one thing that’s been consistent across the vast majority of companies I’ve spoken to in Germany…

…each business now has a calculated approach in how they will be proceeding through the coming months of uncertainty.

These plans are unique for each business and could result in reduced working hours, extra approvals from executive management for hiring, reduction in agency/consultancy spend, and of course, hiring freezes. Yet, the world continues to turn, and business does so with it.

Yes, you read right – despite our fears the world is still very much active, businesses are running and that means many jobs still require to be fulfilled. Most importantly, companies still have employees to pay and those employees still have families to feed. The overall impact on an organisation is only magnified when you examine the individual impact on everyone working within it.


So how do we retain the people we have in our organizations during a time like this? And how can we continue to acquire the top talent that may now find themselves on the market?

There is no clear-cut answer, but the strategy to achieve this lies in your ability to build trust and display a level of authenticity that other organisations are afraid to show. Above anything – as an organisation or individual - people will remember your words and actions during the most difficult times because it’s only at these times your truest form of character is exposed.

Whilst some companies don’t feel that they can hire right now, my advice is to be that business who is seeing this time as an opportunity to build. Yes it may not seem logical to invest in digital transformation projects and continue to hire talent, but when this is all over you’ll be the part of the small percentage of businesses that now have a competitive advantage in the market to thrive.

Don’t press pause on digital transformation and the timeline it takes to get closer to your customer for a more personalised experience. Do continue to hire those skilled candidates you intended to as you’ll only attract more skilled talent down the line. As you proceed with the hiring process, the main priority right now is to be honest with the candidates you interview. Acknowledge your candidate's natural concerns, walk them through the steps you have taken to mitigate risks and explain the plans you have in place for contingency – this will help ensure your brand stays in good standing throughout this time, and improve your employer brand for the future.

Be real about your strategy, be open to questions and be flexible in the process. No one can guarantee or control what happens tomorrow, what you can control is how you plan and how you react. This is what makes the impact, and this is what makes your company the best place to work.


Continuing your digital transformation projects but have uncertainty around the hiring process in these times? We are here to help.

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