Montreal Associates Cyber Security Team at FIC 2018

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Montreal Associates starts the new year with an exciting event: indeed, the Cyber Secur...

Montreal Associates starts the new year with an exciting event: indeed, the Cyber Security team will attend the 10-year anniversary of the FIC 2018, located in Lille, France, 23rd - 24th January.

What is FIC?

Forum International de la Cyber Sécurité (or International Cyber Security Forum) is a platform that aims to promote a pan-European vision of cybersecurity, while strengthening the fight against cybercrime.

We are entering the hyper-connection era, the age of “the Internet of Everything” where people and machines are seamlessly inter-connected, and where communication is seamless. This in turn, affects everything from organisations to the governance of our society. In order to adapt to this new environment, we need to adjust behaviours, practices, and security technologies, in addition to establishing legislative and regulatory frameworks.

To do so, the FIC relies on:

·         The trade show: to share knowledge and ideas, recruit new employees and maintain contacts

·         The forum: to debate with experts, to gather ideas and to share professional learnings

·         The Observatory: to continue exchanging information after the FIC, to explore topics in greater depth and to consolidate our network of experts throughout the year

So, why is Montreal Associates attending the FIC?

For the second year in a row, our Cyber Security Team (Nathalie CalichiamaEthel Dexter and Sabrine Lachehab) will attend this famous event, explaining below why is it important for Montreal Associates to attend.

“Montreal Associates works within the European market and it is important to us, as Cyber Security Recruitment specialists, to attend this annual meeting to interact, debate and form a narrative around Cyber Security topics.
 Cyber Security is a fast-paced industry and we believe that it is important for us to engage with experts to keep us updated on the latest trends and skills. This is essential for us when factoring in our clients’ expectations regarding skills and requirements.

Feedback and business cases, specifically within the Cyber Security market, are keys to build a high-quality recruitment service for our candidates and clients.

The FIC is one of the biggest European events focusing on Cyber Security that attracts the best professionals alongside those wishing to explore the different job positions in this particular market.

It is also important for us to be here to present our expertise to potential customers and candidates face-to-face.

Our strength is based on our ability to assist companies in their recruitment campaigns and put them in contact with our Network of Cyber Security professionals.
 Our approach is to focus on a long-term relationship with our different partners."


FIC’s Hot Topics (as selected by the team):

·         GDPR: instructions for compliance

·         Threat intelligence and reverse, knowledge and follow-up of threats

·         Can Europe win the battle over data?

·         Trend micro – 2020: connected intelligence

For more information, please visit the FIC’s website.


The FIC is:

·         More than 7000 visitors in 2017 (+ 27% of visitors every year)

·         280 industrial partners (Orange, Airbus Defense & Space, Atos, Pêle d’Excellence Cyber, Thales).

·         More than 300 speakers

·         20+ institutional sponsors (ANSSI, Ministry of Defence)

·         2 Challenges

·         20 technical demonstrations

·         40 candidates of the Innovative SME Award