How to stay current in the Salesforce job space

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Both professionals and businesses are facing the uncertainty of what 2021 will bring. There ...

Both professionals and businesses are facing the uncertainty of what 2021 will bring. There are many things we cannot control, but what we can and should, is our own capabilities.
As a Salesforce consultant, I am asked daily by experts for career advice at all levels in the ecosystem: What comes next? Should I wait before I change my job? Is it wise not to?
Who could have predicted what we are facing today? Things can change in a blink of an eye, but that doesn’t mean we are helpless against the adversities of this world. We have the power to prepare. What does that mean in the Salesforce ecosystem context? Don't get  stuck in a role where you don’t see any future for growth and development. Now is the perfect time to upskill in what is most demanded on the market. That way you’ll be ready for several scenarios that can happen:

  1. You want to find a better job. You are ready to get on the market offering what it needs most.
  2. Your current employer is planning layoffs due to the recession. You are ahead of the competition, having acquired highly demanded skills.
  3. Change in personal circumstances. This can be relocation, partners, children… you name it. Your knowledge and expertise stays with you wherever you go, whatever you do and it can only help you secure your next / better job.

As Alexander Graham Bell once said: “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”
Naturally, the next question that pops in our heads is: What is hot now? What is it that businesses are looking for?
Well, it’s your lucky day because you chose to read me and #askalice is not just another hashtag!
Here are the main Salesforce career areas we have already noticed a growing demand for:

So, when is the best time to start training and grow your skillset? There is no better time than now. Really. If anything, the challenging times we have and are still going through have helped us reset our priorities and focus on what’s truly important and makes us happy. And if growing in the Salesforce ecosystem is one of those things, don’t hesitate to reach out. That is why we are #ohana.

I will be happy to have a chat, answer any questions/doubts you might have. I will also be glad to connect you with hands-on experts in each of the above areas that can help you with your first steps and give you valuable insight.

(hint #askalice)