Montreal Associates make the HOT 100

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Montreal Associates can proudly claim to be one of the top companies earning the most profit per head in the UK.


Agile Intelligence has compiled the HOT 100 report on behalf of Recruiter to determine which companies are best at leveraging their intellectual assets.


By rigorously measuring the gross profit (net fees) per head/employee this indicates how effectively an organisation uses the skills of all its own people to generate a profitable return for stakeholders.

All in-house employees (excludes temp workers or contractors) are included in the calculation – not just fee-earners; this is a standard senior management key performance indicator (KPI). Notwithstanding wild cards, companies emerging strongly from this analysis, especially if featuring regularly, are primarily those that operate the most productive organisation, balancing the need for good, well-trained, directed and motivated staff against the need to minimise costs.

Montreal Associates has been a regular on the list over the years, but in 2017, we achieved our highest ranking - 44 - to date.