Montreal Associates – leading the charge for international recruiters

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What an evening! We’re thrilled to share that Montreal Associates walked away from last night’s MARA Awards in London with an accolade… the best one, in our opinion!

As you may know, we’ve been expanding our base of operations throughout Europe – in addition to our offices in London, we now have locations in Frankfurt and Barcelona – two hubs of industry in very different parts of the world. In recognition of this, we were awarded ‘Best International Agency’ for 2017, and shortlisted for six more! It’s truly been a fantastic year for Montreal Associates and the wider team.

The requirements of the awards (other than excellence, naturally) were a demonstration of business efficiency, expertise and profitability. Most importantly, success here required clear evidence of how working internationally has allowed us to expand, and our recruiters to flourish. Our increased profit margin, headcount and retention rate speak for themselves!

So the question remains – why? Why have we expanded so strongly to alternative locations?

In today’s economy, change is the name of the game. Greater regulation, a more globalised workforce, and even Brexit mean that to succeed, diversification is essential. Further than this, top tech talent exists across Europe… particularly in Barcelona and Frankfurt – expansion into new markets is a staple of any growing business. With our hugely diverse and multicultural team, Montreal Associates is well placed to capitalise on it to ensure our future growth.

As always, a huge thanks to the judges for recognising our achievements – we’ll see you next year!