How a new approach has helped form relationships with major companies across Europe

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Montreal Associates launched a bold diversification strategy recently to establish itself as a specialist in a number of niche vertical markets

Established in the late 1970s, Montreal Associates has been known for many years as a reliable supplier of talented and experienced consultants in Systems Applications and Products (SAP).


However, a few years ago it launched a bold diversification strategy, aiming to establish itself as a specialist in a number of niche vertical markets, ranging from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and development to big data and cybersecurity. At the same time Montreal Associates changed from its traditional single point of contact mode to a collaborative, team-working approach.


The transformation demanded a lot of flexibility on all sides, but it’s been a huge success, and the company now has long-standing relationships with many major companies across Europe. Demand for suitably qualified and experienced professionals in some of these relatively new fields is intense, and Montreal is investing heavily to recruit and develop individuals with the right blend of technical expertise and interpersonal skills to help close the skills gap.


*This article first appeared on The Telegraph Business Club