Insight Director Jobs

Insight Director Jobs

As an Insight Director, you will play a key strategic role, helping to define and drive key initiatives that align with visions for specific departments and a business’ thematic goals. 

You will drive initiatives by creating and overseeing the execution of data-led strategies that help businesses leverage data for greater insight or performance, in close collaboration with technical teams, account managers, product teams, client teams, and other stakeholders.

Successful Insight Directors will be at the centre of strategic projects: designing, building and delivering solutions that have a global impact.

The MA approach:

While many often take for granted the years of innovation which went into our smartphones, home assistants and even organisational software, we’re working behind the scenes to help build a smarter, technological future through recruitment.

For over 40 years, Montreal Associates have been connecting candidates with businesses who offer great opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a contract-based role, or a permanent place of work, MA associates' vast clientele will have a role suited to you.

For further information or guidance, please contact a member of our team, they’re always happy to talk to candidates about their career plans as a future Insight Director.

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