Data Management Jobs

Data Management Jobs

As a Data Manager you continuously drive the innovation and improvement of customer experience across businesses by analysing data, insights, research and technology. Certainly, you provide inspirational leadership ensuring every project or program is completed within budget, schedule and according to contract specifications.

We recognise that you are responsible for optimising key processes for data quality with expert industry partners, effectively communicating and managing internal project teams, external customers and third-party vendors. As a Data Manager, you align and prioritise data quality for strategic projects, whilst championing data quality through improvements to various business processes such as KPI’s.

As a result of this, your ability to provide leadership and expertise in all aspects of Data Management for businesses makes you an extremely valuable asset for any data team. 

Why choose MA to help you find your next Data management Job?

It’s simple, our history. Since 1978, Montreal associates have connected those talented in technology and data with unique opportunities. We’re experts in our field and want to help you find Data Management roles that utilise your data skillset and management abilities to their full potential. 

Forty years later, Montreal Associates are successfully connecting senior talent with businesses not only in the UK, but across Europe too. Whether you’re looking for a contract-based role or a permanent place of work, our experts want to help you find your next Data Management role. 

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