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The philosophy of CRM is simple - Put the customer first. Placing the right talent in CRM jobs is vital to an effective and productive CRM strategy. As a result, CRM drives business growth, reduces costs, and increases customer loyalty. 

The CRM market’s revenue is expected to reach over $80 billion by 2025 as the software continues to sit at the heart of every growing business.

Whether it’s Salesforce, Oracle, or something different, most businesses have customer relationship management software in place. However, to make the most out of CRM, the right skills are needed to ensure it meets the company’s needs. At MA, we excel at connecting clients and candidates across Europe to help both reach the tech industry’s cutting-edge.

We provide contract and permanent roles in some of Europe’s most exciting tech hubs, from developers to engineers to architects and project managers. So if you’re ready to take the next step in your career, or you’re a client needing new talent, get in touch and speak with an expert CRM consultant today.

Why are CRM Jobs in such high demand?

The high demand for CRM jobs is due to the increased use of CRM within businesses. 91% of all businesses with more than 11 employees use CRM software. CRM gives companies insights into how to grow their business by better understanding their customers. 

CRM software is vital to the future of business; however, they need experts with the right skills to use it effectively.

Every company has unique requirements for its CRM, so those who can architect, build and maintain a bespoke build are needed across Europe.

Supporting digital transformation in transport payment solutions

The Transport Payment Solutions company were investing in a digital transformation of their infrastructure and security policies, as well as their CRM and Cloud involving migration from Lotus Notes to Salesforce, and AS400 to Azure Cloud. 

CRM Sectors

Over the past 40 years, we have built expertise to help connect curious people who are passionate about technology. Our specialist consultants successfully connect talent and businesses across Europe by developing relationships and a vast network of candidates and clients. We understand the importance of CRM to the growth and reputation of a business. So whether you are a candidate looking for CRM jobs or a client looking to grow a team of expert talent, click on the links below and explore our specialist CRM sectors.

The education and learning industry has reaped the benefits of tech innovations. At MA, we are passionate about landing placements to further these advancements. So if you're looking to take the next step within education and learning or looking to build a team of professionals, we are here to help.

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The financial services sector has benefited hugely from advancements in technology. We have developed quality and trusted long-term relationships across Europe with people and financial businesses. Through our network, we are able to find talent for CRM vacancies. Explore Financial Services for more details. 

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Medical and Healthcare is an industry struggling against a widening skills gap and vacancies are continuing to increase. Enterprise technology talent is not easy to find, so companies are struggling to find talent to fill these vacancies. MA are here to help; we are experts in finding suitable candidates from across Europe for medical and healthcare CRM jobs. Contact us to speak to a Medical and Healthcare CRM consultant today. 

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For 15 years, we have been working with the Pharmaceuticals industry to help connect tech talent to market-leading companies. CRM data is a vital necessity for the advancement of pharmaceuticals, so the demand for CRM jobs is high. If you are a candidate who is interested in working in an important and fast-moving industry or a client wanting to find specialist talent, please get in touch with a CRM consultant.

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The professional services sector covers various disciplines, including lawyers, financial advisers, engineers, and IT consultants. Our experts are passionate about helping candidates find careers in tech specialisms, including CRM, Enterprise Software Planning, Cybersecurity, and Big Data. We have developed relationships and networks across Europe to find the right positions for our clients.

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With eCommerce's incredible and continuous growth, the retail and FMCG industries must ensure they correctly use tech and CRM data. If you are a candidate looking for the next step in your CRM career or a client looking to build a team of talented tech professionals, MA is here to help. 

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We've spent 15 years working extensively with the tech sector to provide a specialist service to ensure candidates and clients fulfil their personal and professional ambitions. We have multi-lingual expert consultants across Europe ready to help you find CRM jobs or build a team of experienced tech professionals. Are you interested in the Technology industry? Get in touch today. 

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