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The Growing Demand for Software Developer Jobs Across Europe

Across Europe, we are seeing an increase in the demand for software developer jobs and skills. We are living in an increasingly digital age, and humans are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. Technological advancements have completely changed society and how we live our lives. It has allowed progression in critical areas such as medical research, finances, and education. Technology must continue to advance, increasing the demand for software developer jobs. 

Throughout 2021, 74% of European internet users shopped online, and as customers continue to demand digital, mobile-friendly experiences, software developers can help businesses adapt.

No two development cycles are ever the same, and each new project brings different challenges and approaches. Whether it's Java, Python or C#, our consultants excel at connecting talented candidates to clients with exciting opportunities.

We help find contract and permanent roles for developers, engineers, architects and project managers, so if you're ready to take your next step, look at the jobs below. Alternatively, if you're a client looking to discover new talent, get in touch with our software development team today.

Why are software developers in such high demand?

As web development demand continues to explode, so does the need for software developers. Those who can create and maintain the systems necessary to grow a business can find opportunities across Europe.

There are approximately 6 million software developers in Europe alone. However, despite this large amount, talent is still a significant need. The widening IT skills gap can be daunting for businesses, but we can help fill each vacancy with the right candidate.