Anthony Blomet on why he moved to Barcelona

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In Barcelona, Sales Director Anthony Blomet found the perfect combination of diversity, cult...

In Barcelona, Sales Director Anthony Blomet found the perfect combination of diversity, culture and sunny skies. He also wanted to be part of one of the newest emerging tech hubs in Europe. Anthony explains in his own words, why he made the move. 

Anthony, tell us how many years you’ve worked at MA?

"I have worked for over 17 years at MA. I started as a 360 Recruiter delivering SAP freelancers on the French market. I then progressed to different management roles until I became a Director."

What is your role in Barcelona?

"As a Sales Director, together with the Board I am responsible for developing our business strategies.

Recently I moved to Spain to develop our new office in Barcelona which will operate as a hub delivering IT recruitment solutions throughout Europe."

Why did you decide to move to Barcelona?

"Delivering to our clients in their native language is paramount to maximising our understanding of their needs and it is essential to select the best local IT experts for their projects. It became apparent that Barcelona was the place to be, to achieve this.

Barcelona is a great city to live in. The location (by the sea and close to the mountains), combined with a pleasant climate, diversity, culture and easy access to the rest of Europe from its international airport makes it a very attractive place for many talented people across Europe.

Personally, I have always been attracted to the city. I love all sea activities and I am a keen skier which makes it a perfect place for me and my family."

What opportunities are there in Barcelona that you don’t get in say, London or Paris?

"Barcelona is becoming one of the top Tech European cities. Already hosting the World Mobile Congress, Barcelona is a breeding ground for Tech start-ups. Multinationals are also relocating their IT operations to Barcelona, finding it easier to attract the international talent they need at a cheaper cost. This is creating a lot of opportunity locally."

Why do you think Barcelona is the next European tech hub?

"Barcelona, and Spain in general, have started their digital transformations early. Today, the Spanish banks are the most digitally advanced worldwide. These projects have allowed local resources to strengthen their expertise, which in turn, will benefit other companies.

There is also a strong emphasis on breeding tech start-ups in Barcelona as the project Pier 1 demonstrates. The new entrepreneurial headquarters will house 70 cutting edge start-ups counting around 1000 workers in its 10,000-square meters building." 

What has been the best part of relocating?

"I guess the weather. It was nice spending my weekends in October doing Barbecues in my garden or sitting at the terrace of a restaurant in front of the sea. Most days are sunny here and the sun really does warm you up!"

What is the best thing you’ve done in Barcelona?

"Watching Barcelona vs Celta Vigo in Camp Nou. We had three seats and decided to take our five-year-old as it is a unique experience. He fell asleep before the kick-off and wasn't even woken by the cheers of the supporters. This was despite Barcelona scoring four goals in the first 30 minutes of the game…"