Valerie Wasch

Valerie Wasch

Project Solutions Manager

Specialist: Payroll

Valerie joined MA in 2003 as a delivery consultant on the French SAP market. After 2 years, she moved into sales and developed relationships with many clients on SAP, DEV, Infra and BI until  reaching “top biller” in 2015. Then, Valerie's career took a turn into management where she set up the Delivery Team (processes, recruitment, training and management of up to 20 people). 

After 3 years, Valerie handed over the Delivery project internally and joined the dark side of recruitment (support) where she acquired Finance as well as legal and compliance knowledge. This knowledge enabled Valerie to set up a new offer for MA at the end of 2018 - commercial Payroll for MA’s clients. And Valerie hasn't stopped, with her latest addition to her varying skills being the creation of our Contractor Care division in 2019.

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