Neepson Vilsaint

Neepson Vilsaint

Senior Sales Consultant

Verticals: Development
Specialist: Contract

Neepson has been working in the IT recruitment industry for 3 years, and with MA for more than 2 and a half years. 

Currently, his role is to identify and support clients who have IT projects and need a specialist to help them acquire the talent they need for their IT development. Neepson always works in a detailed and personable manner, ensuring he has a deep level of understanding about his clients and their projects so that he can find the best-suited candidates that are interested in joining their project team. 

"What attracted him to this role is that the heart of the job is having the human touch and building partnerships with clients and candidates, as Neepson has a passion for analysing and managing human relations.

"I decided to join MA two and a half years ago because its culture and values are the same that I share."

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