Nathalie Calichiama

Nathalie Calichiama

Cyber Security Recruiter

Specialist: Permanent

Nathalie's career started in France at the Prime Ministery office but decided to go into recruitment in 2006 after finding a natural flare at it. She is truly interested in people and likes to do her best to make her candidates grow professionally by finding the right match for them.
Back when Nathalie started out, she recruited people in a variety of different sectors including finance, research, administration, legal and IT.  

It was when joining the French Cyber Security Agency around 2012 where Nathalie started specialising in Cyber Security. 4 years later, Nathalie joined MA and developed our Cyber Security desk from scratch.

Having more than 8 years of experience in the Cyber Security sector has made Nathalie passionate about the people who are part of it. There is so much variety and always something to learn as Cyber Security is everywhere in our daily life. "I like to think that I am working for a more secured world by helping my clients to hire the right candidates for them."

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