Driving perm tech recruitment for a global consulting firm


The management consulting firm in Paris works within a very challenging market, and at the time, had forecast expected growth. As a result, they required the utmost dedication from their recruitment partner to support them with their permanent hiring.

Facing a lack of investment from their current recruitment partners at the time, and MA already having built a strong partnership delivering their contract staffing - we approached them as their new permanent recruitment partner to support them in providing volume, qualitative candidates that matched their requirements.

  • Our client was working with other agencies whose permanent recruitment services were not reaching their level of expectations nor giving the investment needed within such a challenging market
  • MA had to build the relationship from scratch and deliver good quality candidates at volume across various clusters to support their expected growth.


The Challenge

Our dedicated consultant now taking over their permanent recruitment needed to quickly build a strong, trusted relationship from scratch and deliver them the quality candidates across the technology ecosystem they required, and matching their salary grid within their timeline.

  • Our client needed a recruitment partner that could invest the time needed to provide them with quality talent that matched both their criteria and salary bracket.
  • MA needed to build a comprehensive pipeline of quality talent within Infra Cloud, Development and Data.
  • Our consultant needed to work to a short time frame to hire the candidates they required to successfully achieve a quick takeover of their account.


Our Approach

To build trust and show our investment towards our client, our dedicated consultant put in place weekly catch-ups with HR to keep them informed on the process, whilst also using the time to gain more information about the client, its company structure and processes to help better inform our talent search and shortlisting of candidates.

Alongside the information gathered from the weekly meetings, in-depth research was carried out on our client's workforce before starting to build out the talent pipeline. This process involved:

  • Forming the ideal profile for each of the roles to create a criteria search that would identify candidates matching this. The search was performed across job boards to analyse which source provided us with the most relevant, quality candidates.
  • Conducting the search criteria on our top performing sources daily, connecting with, on average, 50 professionals per day to ensure we had at least 20 quality candidates in the recruitment process at all times.
  • Discussing with candidates both their career and personal lives. This is the most important part for us, as it allows us to understand them, their ambitions & requirements, whilst being able to anticipate any problems or flexibility needed for our client to consider.
  • Weekly calls with our candidates to keep them informed, engaged and most importantly to maintain their commitment and motivation.


The Results

Between October and December (3 months), we achieved the following 6 placements for our client:


  • 1,000 candidates were identified, with 10% of candidates contacted accepting & responding.
  • We qualified 53% of those candidates in which 58% of those were close to our client's expectations for skills, seniority & budget.
  • 41% (13) of our candidates were integrated into the recruitment process.
  • 3 candidates hired.


  • 215 candidates were identified, with 15% of candidates contacted accepting & responding.
  • We were able to engage with 47% of those candidates, with 27% meeting our client's expectations.
  • 50% (2) of our candidates were integrated into the recruitment process.
  • Both candidates hired.


  • 1,105 candidates were identified, with 10% of candidates contacted accepting & responding.
  • We were able to engage with 38% of those candidates, with 18% meeting our client's expectations.
  • 43% (3) of our candidates were integrated into the recruitment process.
  • 1 candidate hired.


  • 5 out of the 6 placements still in placement after 6 months (1 leaving due to personal circumstances).
  • We have continued working closely with our client and have placed two more roles since the start of 2020.
  • Our consultant is almost 100% focused on our client's account and have become their exclusive staffing partner outside of their internal delivery team.


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